It’s all about the details

The big events, the small weddings, the romantic candlelight dinners, every single one of these events, no matter how big it is, is made up of thousands of tiny, precisely chosen details.
How is the table going to be arranged, with what ribbon is the menu going to be tied with, what is going to be the print of the menu, the cardboard color of the invitations, how heavy is going to be the lace for the bride’s bouquet and are there going to be pearls - these and a thousand more similar questions contribute to achieving the perfect look of the wedding or the special event.
A polka dot tablecloth or a vintage suitcase from 1890 could be the key to the unconventional concept for decoration.
For us every project is a challenge and finding different solutions is our creed.
The most important thing is to improvise, to listen to our heart and always be led by passion.


Stunning events, creatively planned and organized to absolute perfection and with style! If you want to have fun, to design a special event that is unforgettable, unique and full of surprises, you have come to the right place!


Every wedding is unique, but the Perfect is only one: Flawless organization, stunning design, great feeling, lots of surprises, luxury gifts, unforgettable emotions and the smiles of our leading characters- you, our newlyweds.